Umbrella Insurance and Personal Protection

 Introducing Hanover Insurance user friendly umbrella calculator! By clicking the blue link you will be able to get an idea of how much coverage you would need on an umbrella policy in order to make sure you secure your future.

At Blackmore-Rowe we have over 60 years of insurance knowledge working for you.


An Umbrella Insurance is a unique type of policy. Many people may not be aware of what an umbrella policy does and that is what we are here for.


A Umbrella policy is made to increase your liability limits over all your policies (auto, home, motocycle, ect.) hence the name "umbrella". This policy is designed to protect you from big lawsuits or claims. This in return protects your assets and ensures your future. The amount of coverage you carry on your Umbrella Policy may vary depending on your specific needs. These policies are often priced very reasonably.


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